Challenge Coins as a Token of Devotion

Have an extra special token of membership with a challenge coin.

A challenge coin is more than just a small piece of metal. This is a specially forged token that symbolizes the strong bond of respect and loyalty between members of an organization.

Royalty’s Die Metal Token

Challenge-CoinThe origins of challenge coins are still debatable to this day. It was believed that their use dated way back to the soldiers of the Roman Empire. During this time and in the civilizations that came, however, coin collecting became a favorite past time of royalty and the upper class. Despite some legends and heroes being engraved on its metal surface, it was merely a symbol of wealth—not of honor or devotion.

Over the years, the challenge coin had evolved from a die metal token, or having pure metal with no colors present, with faded undecipherable text and crude dents of hammer and anvil to complex, colorful and intricate varieties with translucent enamel or antique finishes and 3-dimensional detail contesting to that of modern currency.

Turning Into A Symbol Of Honor

It wasn’t until the early 20thcentury that it gained reputation in symbolizing honor. From an American saved in fear of being mistakenly killed by the French to starting a new drinking thrill in the Vietnam War, hundreds of stories in the battlefield have left the coin’s greatest mark in the military field and in history. Every dedicated officer and veteran who has retired from doing service to his country holds on to his challenge coin as a reminder of unity and personal achievement since World War I.

As an indicator of rank and special honors to service, the military have used the coin to instill morale and excellence among its officers. And they’re not just limited to the military: from police and firefighters to clergymen of the corporal world, challenge coins are honorable pieces of identity for organizations inside and outside the government.

Custom Coins For Special Services

For distribution in organizations, our company specially designs custom made challenge coins and is proud to have supplied every branch of this country’s military services. In addition, we also supply coins for police and fire departments across the nation. We also make challenge coins for business corporations.

As for our customizations, our challenge coins come in a variety of shapes, colors, designs and metals. Each design is a unique representation of what the organization or good service stands for. For achievements in work, have custom made coins with rope cut edges and translucent enamel finish encased in velvet pouches. For more historical or standard organization designs, have a standard cut edge with a more antique finish packaged in a standard PVC pouch.

Extra customization includes adding engraved text, offset print and sequential numbering as well as the option to manufacture the coins into bottle openers or key chains as per request.

How to Customize

We manufacture according to the client’s needs. Each design is a unique representation is available on Challengecoins4less.
CoinsFirst, present a desired design or organization logo on one or both sides with custom text and colors. Options include die struck and colors on one or both sides. Then choose from coin shapes of round, square, polygon or dog tag—or order with a customized shape fit for the organization, be it a waving flag or a star. When satisfied with the initial outcome, choose from a selection of metals, polished or antique gold, silver, brass, nickel or copper. We also provide duo-tone metal or a combination of two metal choices.

In addition, we have a variety of diamond cut edges, finishes and packaging options to choose from. Not only do they add more to the coin’s unique design, diamond cut edges are also ideal for a shiny rim because the diamond cuts through the metal and reflects more light, adding a desired sheen to the coin’s edges. With our finishes, make the coin look more antique or opt for a translucent enamel for a lustrous finish.

For our packaging, we offer clear standard PVC pouches along with coin stands and velvet coin boxes and bags. Another option available is having the client customize the package himself.