Everyday Questions About Misters

Mist fanMisters are fine pieces of machinery that some people are not familiar with. Many of these machines can be seen in large areas that play as a host to large events. These are the machines used in huge areas to cool chill zones.

As the planet starts to become hotter and hotter, more and more people are starting to look at alternative means to keep themselves cool. Not everyone can afford to use the air conditioner as much as they like. Some people actually have to keep things cool on a tight budget, hence the reason why a lot of people are starting to make the move of shifting to using misters.

Most people are still hesitant to make the move to mist fans. Plenty of them are still hesitant and skeptical as most of them probably have never tried using a mist fan before. It is understandable for people to have questions or doubts in their head. In fact, being hesitant in buying something is a wise move.

Below are some of the more common questions regarding the operation and costs of using a mist fan.

Costs of getting one

mistThe cost of getting a mist fan depends largely on what kind of a mist fan a person is going to get. Mist fans come in three different varieties which are made out of two different construction materials. The kind of mist fan and the materials used in its construction have an impact on the asking price.

The three different kinds of mist fan are the heavy, medium, and low pressure mist fans. High pressure mist fans are those used for large scale outdoor events. People often see these cooling off players in football games. These fans are the most expensive kind given their humongous size and their performance.

Medium pressure mist fans are usually used indoors, but some are used outdoors. They are the middle class in terms of both price and power. These are the ones usually employed by residential homeowners.

Finally are the low pressure mist fans. They have the least power but are the least expensive kind of mist fan. A low pressure mist fan is the best option for someone who wants it for personal use.

A metal mister is usually better than one made out of plastic. Metal mist fans might be more expensive, but they tend to last longer and can endure punishment from the outdoors. A plastic mist fan is cheaper since plastic is easier to produce. The downside is that the mist fan won’t be as durable as the one made out of metal.

Operational costs

All mist fans are cheap to operate. The only different between a mist fan and a regular electric fan is that mist fans require water to run; the amount depends on the pressure of the fan itself.

Depending on the mist fan itself, a person might also have to maintain the fan by cleaning it every once in a while.

How it works

Mist fans are different from regular electric fans because the former can help cool the air. The mister achieves this by spraying tiny droplets of water into the air. The water then absorbs the heat from the air thereby cooling it. This process is known as evaporative cooling. All mist fans employ evaporative cooling to blow a cold gust of wind.


The competition between the different mist fan companies can be intense. For that reason, there are plenty of companies out there that offer a lifetime warranty for their products. However, buyers should still be wary in certain cases. There are misters companies have a bad habit of not living up to their end of the bargain.